Eradicate Cancer 2018March 15 - 17, 2018 Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

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Thursday 15th March 2018

Thursday 15th March 2018




Opening Session

Richard Boyd & Alan Trounson

Opening of the Conference by the Honourable Greg Hunt, Minister for Health of the Australian Commonwealth Government.
8:25 The anti-cancer immunotherapy landscape
Irv Weissman, Stanford University
SESSION I: Checkpoint blockade inhibition
9:00 Tumour antigen-directed anti-cancer therapy in the era of checkpoint blockade
Jonathon Cebon, Olivia Newton-John Cancer Center
9:20 The role of immune checkpoint blockade in the cure of HIV infection.
Sharon Lewin, The Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity
SESSION II: Chimeric Antigen Receptor – T cells (part I)
10:00 CAR-T cells for haematological leukaemias
Cassian Yee, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
10:30 Multi-pronged approaches to augmenting CAR T cell therapy for solid tumour. 
Joe Trapani, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
10:50 CAR-T cell therapy for the GD2 tumour target.
Michael Brown, Royal Adelaide Hospital Cancer Centre.
11:10 Pre-clinical assessment of EphA2-directed CAR-T cell adoptive therapy for paediatric solid tumours.
Kenneth Hsu, Children’s Hospital at Westmead
11:30 Development of dual specific CAR-T cells – a one-two anti-cancer punch.
Richard Boyd, Cartherics
11:50 CAR’s and armoured CARs
Renier Brentjens, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

GE HEALTHCARE - Aaron Dulgar-Tulloch, Director of the GE BridGE facility at the CCRM in Toronto Smart, Closed & Connected Soultions for Cell Therapy Manufacturing

SESSION III: Gene editing
13:20 Transposon CAR T-cells for Relapsed Leukaemia and Lymphoma.
Ken Micklethwaite, Westmead Institute for Medical Research
13:40 Genome editing provides solution for cell therapy safety and immune tolerance: a guide for a One4All pluripotent cell line
Andras Nagy, University of Toronto
SESSION IV: Tumour antigen discovery and targeting 
14:00 The potential therapeutic role of personalized neoantigen cancer vaccines.
Bruce Robinson, University of Western Australia
14:20 Unconventional T cell targets for cancer Immunotherapy
Dale Godfrey, Doherty Institute
14:40 Molecular sculpturing of scFv’s and their payloads to optimise anti-cancer targeting.
Peter Hudson, Avipep
14:50 Putative neoantigens predicted from frame shift mutations of malignant pleural mesothelioma
Tian Mun Chee, University of Queensland
SESSION V: The cancer microenvironment
15:20 Revealing the immune changes that associate with breast cancer risk to develop prophylactic immune therapies.
Kara Britt, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
15:40 Enhancing adoptive cellular therapy by targeting tumour-induced immunosuppression.
Phil Darcy, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
16:00 IL-18 critically drives multiple myeloma progression by generating an immunosuppressive microenvironment
Mark Smyth, QIMR Berghofer
16:20 Mass cytometric analysis of life and death decisions in blood cancer (cells)
Dan Gray, Walter and Eliza Hall
16:40 Integrin-linked kinase expression in myeloid cells promotes colon tumorigenesis
Afsar Ahmed, Hudson Institute of Medical Research
16:50 Adoptive transfer of genetically engineered monocytes for the tumour targeted delivery of IFN-aalpha
Roberta Mazzieri, University of Queensland
Turning fear into hope: the power of anti-cancer immunotherapy to restore a healthy life style 
Co-presented by the Eradicate Cancer with Immunotherapy  Conferenceand the Melbourne Immunotherapy Network (MiN)
Convenor - Grant McArthur, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
Co-convenor  - Alan Trounson Cartherics and the Hudson Institute for Medical Research

Emeritus Professor Alan Trounson, Cartherics Pty Ltd and Hudson Institute for Medical Research


The Foundations of Cancer Immunotherapy
Nobel Laureate Professor Peter Doherty


Unblocking immune inhibitors – boosting responses to cancer and HIV
Professor Sharon Lewin, Doherty Institute for Medical Research


Are T cell immunotherapies going to revolutionise the battle to eradicate cancer?
Dr Cassian Yee, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre (New York)


The holistic value of success - Jarryd Roughead, a great survival story
AFL star, Jarryd Roughead and his doctor, Grant McArthur


Featuring Miles Prince, Sharon Lewin, Cassian Yee, Alan Trounson, Rebecca Delconte and Jarryd Roughhead

Informal Networking Reception and Poster Session

Friday 16th March 2018

Friday 16th March 2018




In Vitro Morning Seminar - ACEA xCELLigence


SESSION VI  Chimeric Antigen Receptor – T cells (Part II)
8:30 CD19 CAR-T cell immunotherapy for B cell malignancies.
Cameron Turtle, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
9:00 Using Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T cell to Treat Solid Tumours
Clare Stanley, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
9:20 Generating dual-specific T cells in treating cancers
Aesha Ali,  Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
9:30 The development, functional evaluation and optimisation of CAR-T cells attacking novel epitopes on ovarian cancer
Vera Evtimov, Cartherics
9:40 Targeting of multiple determinants on solid tumors using chimeric antigen receptor T cells
Roland Shu, Cartherics
9:50 Chimeric antigen receptor T cells and the immune synapse
Misty Jenkins, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
10:00 Validation of a novel CAR-T cell targeting non-functional P2X7
Simon Barry, PRI/WCHN
10:10 Optimisation of third generation CAR-T cells for the treatment of solid tumours
Tessa Gargett, University of South Australia


SESSION VII Adoptive cellular immunotherapy (Part I)
10:40 Immunotherapy with antigen specific T cells.
Helen Heslop, Baylor College of Medicine
11:10 Mass cytometry and a systems biology – new tools to explore the biological effects of adoptive T cell therapy.
Emily Blyth, Westmead Inst for Med Research
11:30  Using cell banks to treat opportunistic infection and haematological malignancy
David Gottlieb, Westmead Inst. Med. Research
11:50  Orthogonal approaches to regulate CAR T cell activity and safety
Dan Powell, University of Pennsylvania
12:45-13:00 LONZA - Dr. Andrea Toell, Senior Product Manager. Lonza Cologne GmbH
Efficient and Scalable Non-viral Modification of Primary Cells and Cell Lines
SESSION VII Adoptive cellular immunotherapy (Part II)
13:10 Cbl-b – towards a new paradigm in T cell based anti-cancer therapy.
Josef Penninger, Institute Molecular Biotechnology
13:50 Allogeneic Graft vs Tumor effect: pros, cons and pointers for the future
David Ritchie, Royal Melbourne Hospital
14:10 SOCS protein regulation of NK cell-mediated tumour immunity.
Sandra Nicholson, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute 
14:30 Emerging advances in cellular therapies for virus-associated cancers.
Rajiv Khanna, QIMR Berghofer 
14:50 Predicting and enhancing benefit of immunotherapies in triple negative breast cancer.
Belinda Parker, Latrobe University 
15:10 The importance of immune modulation in the management of cancer
Angus Dalgleish,  St George’s University
SESSION VII Adoptive cellular immunotherapy (Part III)
15:50 Predicting the future of novel immunotherapy agents for Haematological Malignancies: one size does not fit all.
Miles Prince, Epworth Healthcare
16:10 Developing novel therapies to treat cancer based on targeting the nucleolus
Ross Hannan, Australian National University

Interferon Epsilon – a new weapon in innate immunity against ovarian cancer
Paul Herztog, Hudson Institute for Medical Research

16:50 Using genomic innate immune function(IIF) profiling to predict patient response to immunotherapy.
Robyn Lindley, GMDx Co Pty Ltd

CRISPR-Cas9 mediated efficient PD-1 disruption on Macaca fascicularis primary T cells for immunotherapy
Jian Dong, Kunming Medical University. Kunming

Saturday 17th March 2018

Saturday 17th March 2018




In Vitro Seminar - Cellular Metabolism and Adoptive cellular therapy 


SESSION VII Adoptive cellular immunotherapy (Part IV)
8:30 Federal Government CRC-P: Towards an integrated national approach to off-the-shelf CAR-T cell manufacture.
Alan Trounson, Cartherics & Hudson Institute for Medical Research
8:50 Modulation of innate immunity for cancer therapy.
Bryan Williams,  Hudson Institute for Medical Research

Targeting cross-presenting dendritic cells with nanoparticulate vaccines for antigen-specific cancer immunotherapy.
Ranjeny Thomas, University of Queensland

9:30 Exploiting CD141+ dendritic cells for immunotherapy
Kristen Radford, Mater Institute
9:50 A preclinical platform for evaluating targeted therapy and immunotherapy combinations in BRAFv6ooE melanoma
Emily Lelliott, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
10:00 Restoring immuno-competency in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
Fabienne Mackay, University of Melbourne


SESSION VIII Immune reconstitution
10:40 Thymic function in T cell reconstitution after cell-ablative therapy.
Georg Hollander, Oxford University
11:00 Harnessing natural mechanisms of tissue regeneration to boost immune function in cancer patients
Jarrod Dudakov, Fred Hutchison Cancer Center
11:20 In vitro generation of T cells for therapeutic application
J-C Zuniger-Pflucker, University of Toronto
11:40 Pluripotent Stem Cells for T cell Immunotherapy
Gay Crooks, University of California, Los Angeles
12:00 Generation of CTLs from iPSCs transduced with TCR genes: toward the development of “off-the-shelf T cells”.
Hiroshi Kawamoto, Kyoto University
12:20 Development of functional, mature cytotoxic T-cells from cord HSC via a molecularly-defined, scalable and clinically translatable culture system.
Nick Boyd, Cartherics
12:30 The origins of thymic NK cells and ILC1
Gabrielle Belz, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
Keynote Address:

Multipotential mesenchymal stem/progenitor cells – a novel player in immuno-oncology.
Silviu ItescuMesoblast 


Exploring the interface between ethics and practice: unproven cell therapies in the twilight zone?
John Rasko, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Centenary Institute; University of Sydney

Final Summit: If Money was no object: a blue print for future curative practical immunotherapy 
Opening: Honourable John Brumby
Alan Trounson & Sharon Lewin


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